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Best Home Inspection Services in Philadelphia PA

Our home inspection services are highly sought-after in Philadelphia, renowned for their accuracy, extensive experience, and reliability. As per the new law, all landlords in the city must now comply with the law concerning lead-based paint. It is enacted because lead dust is the leading cause of lead poisoning in children, according to the Environmental Protection Agency and the City of Philadelphia. Don’t fret! We specialize in home inspection services in Philadelphia PA, assisting, and reducing lead exposure. Our mission is to safeguard against potential hazards, especially those affecting children and pregnant women, by conducting thorough inspections that adhere to the new ordinance. Trust us to ensure your property meets the required standards and protects occupants from lead-related risks.

Comprehensive Assessments

We’re not newcomers but skilled home inspectors providing comprehensive assessments through meticulous inspections and tests. Air sampling, surface/lift testing, bulk testing, bacterial swab analysis, and cultured samples are some of the tests we’re qualified to do, owing to our credentials and training. This technical expertise ensures accurate findings, allowing us to provide you with a thorough appreciation of the mold predicament. We provide the conditions for deliberate thought and the acts required to keep things safe. Our advanced approach also encompasses thermal imaging tests to uncover hidden issues. Count on our experienced team for thorough property evaluations, effective solutions, and proactive identification of potential problems. We ensure the safety and longevity of your property.

Why Choose Us

Our well-established track record speaks volumes about our professionalism, reliability, and dedication to ensuring client satisfaction. We dedicate time to explaining findings, ensuring you thoroughly grasp inspection results. Being punctual and efficient, we conduct inspections meticulously, maintaining accuracy. Our primary objective is guaranteeing that your property adheres to standards, fostering trust among buyers and sellers. Your time is highly regarded, and your confidence in our service is paramount. We are committed to upholding quality and transparency throughout the inspection.
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