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New Castle County, DA

Proficient Home Inspection Services in New Castle County DA

Conducting a comprehensive mold assessment is essential for homes or businesses to uncover issues and gauge their severity. With top-level certifications, we’re equipped to manage various tests. Our cutting-edge machinery ensures accuracy in all assessments, including Air Sampling, Surface or Lift Tests, Bulk Testing, Bacterial Swab Analysis, and Cultured Samples. This technological prowess guarantees precise results, enabling us to give you a detailed understanding of the mold situation. We pave the way for informed decisions and necessary actions to maintain a safe environment. Trust our expertise to ensure thorough evaluations and accurate insights into potential mold-related concerns.

Experienced Inspectors

Our mold and lead inspectors undergo rigorous training under the industry’s most esteemed experts, epitomizing inspection excellence. With decades of experience, they possess keen insights into mold and lead abatement. Their expertise guarantees efficient inspection and abatement services, effectively countering these concerns. Trust their seasoned proficiency for comprehensive evaluations and adept resolution of mold and lead-related issues.

Why Choose Us

Our home inspectors are highly skilled in mold detection and accurately identify mold growth and lead contamination in residential and commercial spaces. We conduct meticulous and comprehensive assessments, covering every nook and cranny of your property. We focus on hidden and hard-to-reach areas to thoroughly evaluate mold and lead presence. Our reputation in New Castle County, DA, for accuracy and time management, is widely recognized. We arrive ahead of schedule, investing our expertise efficiently and effectively in inspecting your property. Trust us to provide reliable insights and practical solutions for your mold and lead concerns.

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