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Philadelphia has recently implemented a new lead-based paint ordinance, affecting landlords citywide. This law is vital as lead dust, recognized by the EPA and the city of Philadelphia. It is the primary cause of childhood lead poisoning as paint deteriorates over time—cracking, chipping, and peeling—hazardous dust forms and disperses. Tragically, children often inhale this dust or ingest it by putting contaminated hands in their mouths. Our mission is to play a pivotal role in this scenario. Through comprehensive inspections, we detect areas with potential lead hazards, helping us mitigate and decrease lead exposure risks. We stand committed to fostering safer living environments for all.

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As a certified industry leader, we specialize in top-tier lead abatement and meticulous mold inspection services. Our comprehensive offerings encompass Philadelphia lead-safe and lead-free certifications, showcasing our commitment to safety. Our paramount goal is to raise awareness and actively combat lead poisoning. Contrary to common belief, lead poisoning is entirely preventable, and we champion this cause with dedication. Through our expertise and efforts, we turn prevention into reality, making lead poisoning a thing of the past and ensuring safer, healthier environments for all.

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Our adept home inspectors are equipped with specialized expertise in mold detection, enabling precise identification of mold growth and lead presence in residential and commercial spaces. We provide thorough, meticulous evaluations and examine all corners of your home. Our main examination spots include concealed and inaccessible areas, ensuring a comprehensive mold and lead assessment. Renowned for their integrity and dependability, our inspectors provide trustworthy insights, accurate results, and effective remedies, assuring clients of reliable solutions that address their home’s needs with utmost honesty and professionalism.

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